Imogen, age 19, Eye to Eye Young People’s Counselling Service

Imogen story

During the coronavirus pandemic, 19-year-old Imogen started to feel very down and was becoming increasingly sad about not having contact with her normal network of family and friends.

“I felt very lonely and life was very difficult and I was struggling to understand how I could get over my feelings of sadness. I went to see my GP who suggested I may benefit from counselling with Eye to Eye Young People’s Counselling Service”.

Imogen took her GP’s advice and referred herself to Eye to Eye but she was worried about how they could support her because of the COVID-19 restrictions.

“I had regular contact with my counsellor as well as other people from Eye to Eye, and, because it was online or over the phone, I didn’t need to do that at home and could go out and talk if I needed too. I felt listened too and really supported when I needed it the most. I didn’t feel like I was on my own. My counsellor was really nice to me and we talked about everything. I didn’t feel like she judged me and she taught me how to understand myself better, my feelings and my home life. I was told about other people and services that could also help me and I learned to listen to what I needed. I get on better with my family now most of the time.”

“My counsellor has been my rock and my lifeline. I know when she is going to talk to me and I know she will help me to help myself and understand myself better. I have liked online counselling and felt it was easy to get an appointment and go online.”

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